Are YOU ready to join me on this journey to uncovering your WORTH and POWER?

Hello! I am so glad you are here. I am excited to connect with you! I am Amanda, a passionate advocate for women and small businesses dedicated to providing a safe space that supports and empowers. Through the art of portraiture, we can elevate our self-esteem and reclaim our inner power.

With a background in interior design and architecture, I bring a unique perspective to my work, blending creativity with attention to detail. As a proud mother of a wonderful son and a wife to a very funny fellow, I understand the joys and challenges of balancing personal and professional aspirations. A portrait session doesn't have to cater to one or the other - it is absolutely both! When we chat together I would love to explain this more!

My aim is to use my skills and experience to capture your essence and create portraits that reflect your beauty and strength. My mission is making every person that sits in front of my lens love themselves a little more than they did before.

Together, let's continue our self-discovery journey and celebrate the extraordinary individuals that we are.

MY GOALS FOR YOU... remove the stress and pressure of knowing what to do with your hands. Silly hands. I want to make you feel so comfortable in your skin that you can express yourself in a way you may have never experienced before. Your photoshoot is fully guided by me so you don't have to think about how or what to do. I want you to focus on the isness of you. give you a transformation experience that is more than you smiling in front of a camera. It will be fun and easy, and a way to celebrate oneself no matter what stage of life you find yourself to be in. It will be awareness, acceptance, and encouragement to own the person you have grown to unapologetically be. We all have power and we are all beautiful, so let's show the world. serve you by creating tangible and timeless artwork that you can touch, feel, and hold. You deserve quality prints and products that are meant to last, and to be visual reminders that you are an incredible work of art. So I offer no less than Italian made art.



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